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Our company philosophy is that training should be integrated with business performance; delivering a clear, measurable and tangible contribution through learning.

Our dedicated trainers have practical and in-depth understanding of office software and expertise in how to effectively transition clients between versions they have put together some practical guides for you to use.

Please copy and download, share with your colleagues place a link on facebook, Linkdin or google+ let the world know these materials are completely available at no cost.

Visio Visio Visio Visio
Visio-Getting-Started Visio-Drawing-Shapes Visio-Background-Pages Visio-Custom-Stencils
Visio-Keyboard-Shortcuts Visio-Pages-and-Views Visio-Working-with-Connectors Visio-Printing
Visio-Working-with-Stencils Visio-Working-with-Text Visio-Working-with-Shapes